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2020-present Associate Professor (research) Durham University, UK Geography
2018-present Royal Society Research Fellow Durham University, UK Geography
2016-2018 Durham Research Fellow Durham University, UK Geography/Earth Sciences
2016-2020 Assistant Professor (research) Durham University, UK Geography/Earth Sciences
2013-2016 Staff Scientist National Oceanography Centre, UK Marine Geosciences
2012-2013 Postdoctoral researcher Utrecht University, NL Earth Sciences
2007-2012 PhD Sedimentology link Utrecht University, NL Earth Sciences/ Geography
2003-2006 MSc Offshore Engineering/Fluid Mechanics Delft University, NL Mechanical Engineering (cum laude)
2001-2003 3rd- 1st officer Several companies, NL Merchant navy & Dredging ships
1997-2001 BSc Shipping officer Maritiem Instituut De Ruyter,NL Nautical/Engineering


2018 Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow by the Royal Society
2018 Roland Goldring Award by the British Sedimentological Research Group
2018 Eary-Career Scientist Award by the International Association of Sedimentologists
2016 Harold Reading Medal for De Leeuw et al., 2016, Nature Comm. by the British Sedimentological Research Group
2006 Best hydraulic engineering MSc thesis award by the Dutch Society of Hydraulic Engineers


2023-2026 First direct observations of how submarine landslides connect rivers to the ocean floor Royal Society, PI
2022-2024 Sediment wave generation of the northwestern African margin DFG, Co-I
2022-2023 Direct monitoring of a transtion from a submarine landslide to a turbidity current Royal Society, PI
2021-2023 Organic carbon burial after glacial lake outburst flood in Elliott Creek (NE/W000601/1) NERC, Co-I
2021-2023 Erosive Dynamics of the Squillace submarine canyon Eurofleet, Co-I
2019-2023 Turbidity current dynamics in transition zones Industry, PI
2019-2023 Erosion by turbidity currents Industry, Co-I
2018-2021 Developing a new sensor network to monitor the most destructive part of a turbidity current Royal Society, PI
2018-2023 Turbidity currents: Initiation, Evolution and Ocean Floor Interaction Royal Society, PI
2018-2023 Monitor active submarine flow in the Congo Canyon (NE/R001952/1) NERC, Co-I
2017-2019 Direct monitoring submarine flows Industry, Co-I
2016-2020 First measurements of deep-sea turbidity currents in the Congo Canyon (NE/L009358/1) NERC, PI
2016-2018 Direct monitoring of active turbidity currents at global ‘test sites’ (NE/M017540/1) NERC, Co-I
2016-2017 Field-based calibration for turbidity current impact modelling (NE/P009190/1) NERC, Co-I
2015 First measurements of turbidity currents base using CHIRP (NE/M007138/1) NERC, PI
2014-2018 Bedform dynamics in submarine canyons Industry, PI
2014-2017 Monitor active submarine flows in the Monterey Canyon Offshore California ( NE/K011480/1) NERC, Co-I
2014 Developing tomography technique to measure sediment concentrations (NE/L008130/1) NERC, PI
2014 Spatial variations in grounding-line proximal facies on the Antarctic Peninsula Brit. Antarc. Surv, PI
2013-2017 From turbidity current process to lithofacies and system architecture Industry, Co-I
2013 Bedforms dynamics in mixed cohesive/non-cohesive sediments Eur. Com., Co-I
2011-2013 Sedimentary architecture of channel-lobe transitions Industry, PDRA


2019-2023 Gustavo Lobato Morphodynamics of turbidity currents in transition zones
2020-2024 Niall Tracey (co-supervisor) Acoustic monitoring of seafloor scours and hazards
2019-2023 Sean Ruffel (co-supervisor) Erosion by turbidity currents


2018-2022 Dr Natasha Chapplow (co-supervisor) Turbidity current structure and behavious from direct measurements
2017-2021 Dr Bello Abdulwahab (co-supervisor) Modern of turbidity currents deposits versus turbidites in the subsurface
2017-2021 Dr Kate Heerema (co-supervisor) Monitoring turbidity currents in different systems
2016-2021 Dr Daniela Vendettuoli (co-supervisor) Morphodynamics of turbidity currents
2015-2019 Dr Sophie Hage Bedform dynamics in Canadian fjords
2015-2019 Dr Zoë Roseby Distribution of grounding-line proximal facies on the Antarctic Peninsula
2015-2019 Dr Jamie Hizzett Turbidity currents evolution on Squamish delta
2015-2019 Dr Florian Pohl (co-supervisor) Sedimentary expression of a channel-lobe transition zones
2014-2018 Dr Age Vellinga Numerical study of supercritical-flow bedforms
2014-2018 Dr Maria Azpiroz-Zabala Turbidity currents in the Congo Canyon
2013-2017 Dr Will Symons (co-supervisor) Sedimentary processes in submarine canyons
2013-2017 Dr Jan de Leeuw (co-supervisor) The sedimentary record of submarine channel morphodynamics
2013-2017 Dr Arnoud Slootman (co-supervisor) Supercritical density flows on cool-water carbonate ramps


2023 Lecturer on the Special Lecture Tour of the International Association of Sedimentologist More Info    
2022 Invited Seminar, Turkish Sedimentolgical Research Group, Ankara, Turkey
2021 Plenary speaker, International Association of Sedimentology, Prague(virtual), Czech Republic
2021 UK Ocean Science organiser, Frontiers of Science meeting, Royal Society & Chilean Academy of Sciences (virtual)
2020 Invited seminar “Monitoring turbidity currents” Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
2019 Invited seminar “Monitoring turbidity currents” Nottingham University, Nottingham, UK
2019 Invited seminar “Monitoring turbidity currents” Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany
2018 Keynote on “Monitoring turbidity currents” at INCISE conference, Shenzhen, China
2018 Keynote on “Monitoring turbidity currents” at Submarine Mass Movements, Vicotria, Canada
2018 Keynote on “Monitoring turbidity currents” at GEOBonn, Bonn, Germany
2017 Invited talk on “Monitoring turbidity currents” at JpGU/AGU, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Invited contribution to the "Dynamics of Gravity Currents" Workshop, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, USA
2017 Session chair, “Siliciclastic, volcaniclastic, calciclastic density flows”, IAS, Toulouse, France
2016 Keynote, Society for Sedimentary Research, Deep Water Research Session, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Calgary, Canada
2016 Keynote on “Modern sedimentary processes”, Future of Sedimentary Geology, Beijing, China
2016 Associate editor of “The Depositional Record” the new open-access publication of the IAS
2016 Invited lecture on “Turbidity currents as submarine rivers”, Newcastle University, UK
2014 Keynote on “Experimental bedform study”, European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria
2014 Invited lecture, Tongji Univeristy (Shanghai) & Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey (Guangzhou), China
2014 Invited lecture on “Morphodynamics of supercritical turbidity currents”, Leeds University, UK
2014 session co-chair, “Modelling of sedimentary processes” session, IAS, Manchester, UK
2013 session chair, “Siliciclastic, volcanic clastic and calciclastic turbidity currents”, EGU, Vienna, Austria
2012 session co-chair, “Physical, numerical and analytical modelling sediment erosion, transport and deposition” session, IAS Schladming, Austria
2012 Invited lecture, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2009 session co-chair, Sediment transport at hydraulic jumps, International Association of Hydraulic Research, Vancouver, Canada


2022 BBC Ideas Animation "The secrets of the deep ocean" Webby Award Winner 2023    
2019 Article in Trouw (Dutch national newspaper) "Mysterieuze troebelingsstromen opgehelderd"
2019 EOS feature article "Mud on the move"
2018 ScienceDaily article "Turbidity currents are not just flows"
2017 BBC Future article "The giant undersea rivers we know very little about"
2017 Geology Resreach Focus article "Submarine Canyons,: A brief review looking forward"
2016 Benthic Event Detectors on diplay in British Science Museum (pictures below)
2016 MBARI article "Coordinated Canyon Experiment"
2009 Lecture at the Natural history museum, The Hague, The Netherlands
2009 Geobrief article "Troebelings stromen door onderzeese canyons"


2022 Direct observations of submarine landslides on Canadian deltas (4 weeks)
2018 Direct observations of turbidity currents on Canadian deltas (2 x 2 weeks)
2016 Direct observations of turbidity currents on Canadian deltas (2 x 2 weeks)
2016 Climate change triggered turbidity currents, Norway/Greenland basin (5 weeks)
2015 Dredger-induced turbidity currents in a Dutch estuary (2 weeks)
2014 Direct observations of turbidity currents on Canadian deltas (2 weeks)
2014 Variability of grounding-line proximal facies, Antarctica (5 weeks)
2013 Turbidity currents in the Agadir Canyon, offshore Morocco, (4 weeks)