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JOURNAL PAPERS A more up-to-date overiew can be at google scholar.
Papers by PhD students are underlined .

Reconstructing sedimentary processes in a Permian channel–lobe transition zone: an outcrop study in the Karoo Basin, South Africa.
Pohl, F. , Eggenhuisen, J.T., de Leeuw, J., Cartigny,M.J.B., Brooks, H.L. and Spychala, Y.T.,
Geological magazine , pp.1-20. pdf    

Predicting turbidity current activity offshore from meltwater-fed river deltas.
Bailey, L.P. , Clare, M.A., Pope, E.L., Haigh, I.D., Cartigny,M.J.B., Talling, P.J., Lintern, D.G., Hage, S. and Heijnen, M.,
Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 604, p.117977. pdf    


First source-to-sink monitoring shows dense head controls sediment flux and runout in turbidity currents.
Pope, E.L., Cartigny,M.J.B., Clare, M.A., Talling, P.J., Lintern, D.G., Vellinga, A., Hage, S., Açikalin, S., Bailey, L., Chapplow, N. and Chen, Y.
Science Advances , 8(20), p.eabj3220 pdf    

History of Anvers-Hugo Trough, western Antarctic Peninsula shelf, since the Last Glacial Maximum. Part I: Deglacial history based on new sedimentological and chronological data.
Roseby, Z.A., Smith, J.A., Hillenbrand, C.D., Cartigny,M.J.B., Rosenheim, B.E., Hogan, K.A., Allen, C.S., Leventer, A., Kuhn, G., Ehrmann, W. and Larter, R.D.,
Quaternary Science Reviews , 291, p.107590. pdf    

History of Anvers-Hugo Trough, western Antarctic Peninsula shelf, since the Last Glacial Maximum. Part II: Palaeo-productivity and palaeoceanographic changes during the Last Glacial Transition.
Roseby, Z.A., Z.A., Smith, J.A., Hillenbrand, C.D., Allen, C.S., Leventer, A., Hogan, K., Cartigny,M.J.B., Rosenheim, B.E., Kuhn, G. and Larter, R.D.,
Quaternary Science Reviews , 294, p.107503. pdf    

Longest sediment flows yet measured show how major rivers connect efficiently to deep sea.
Talling, P.J., Baker, M.L., Pope, E.L., Ruffell, S.C., Jacinto, R.S., Heijnen, M.S., Hage, S., Simmons, S.M., Hasenhündl, M., Heerema, C.J., McGhee, C., Apprioual, R., Ferrant, A., Cartigny,M.J.B., Parsons, D.R., Clare, M.A., Tshimanga, R.M., Trigg, M.A., Cula, C.A., Faria, R., Gaillot, A., Bola, G., Wallance, D., Griffiths, A., Nunny, R., Urlaub, M., Peirce, C., Burnett, R., Neasham, J. and Hilton, R.J.
Nature communications , 13(1), pp.1-15. pdf    

Carbon and sediment fluxes inhibited in the submarine Congo Canyon by landslide-damming.
Pope, E.L., Heijnen, M.S., Talling, P.J., Jacinto, R.S., Gaillot, A., Baker, M.L., Hage, S., Hasenhündl, M., Heerema, C.J., McGhee, C., Ruffell, S.C., Simmons, S.M., Cartigny,M.J.B., Clare, M.A., Dennielou, B., Parsons, D.R., Pierce, C., and Urlaub, M.
Nature Geoscience, , pp.1-9. pdf    

Turbidity currents can dictate organic carbon fluxes across river‐fed fjords: An example from Bute Inlet (BC, Canada).
Hage, S., Galy, V.V., Cartigny,M.J.B., Heerema, C., Heijnen, M.S., Acikalin, S., Clare, M.A., Giesbrecht, I., Gröcke, D.R., Hendry, A. and Hilton, R.G.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences , p.e2022JG006824 pdf    

Near‐Bed Structure of Sediment Gravity Flows Measured by Motion‐Sensing “Boulder‐Like” Benthic Event Detectors (BEDs) in Monterey Canyon.
Gwiazda, R., Paull, C.K., Kieft, B., Klimov, D., Herlien, R., Lundsten, E., McCann, M., Cartigny, M.J.B., Hamilton, A., Xu, J. and Maier, K.L.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface , 127(2), p.e2021JF006437 pdf    

The Sediment Budget Estimator (SBE): A process model for the stochastic estimation of fluxes and budgets of sediment through submarine channel systems.
Eggenhuisen, J.T., Tilston, M.C., Stevenson, C.J., Hubbard, S.M., Cartigny,M.J.B., Heijnen, M.S., De Leeuw, J., Pohl, F. and Spychala, Y.T.
Journal of Sedimentary Research ,92(12), pp.1093-1115 pdf    

Experimental diagenesis using present-day submarine turbidite sands.
Bello, A.M., Charlaftis, D., Jones, S.J., Gluyas, J., Acikalin, S., Cartigny, M.J.B. and Al-Ramadan, K.
Frontiers in Earth Science, , p.1415. pdf    

How distinctive are flood-triggered turbidity currents?
Heerema, C.J. , Cartigny, M.J.B., Jacinto, R.S., Simmons, S.M., Apprioual, R. and Talling, P.J.
Journal of Sedimentary Research , 92(1), pp.1-11 pdf    

Fill, flush or shuffle: How is sediment carried through submarine channels to build lobes?
Heijnen, M.S., Clare, M.A., Cartigny, M.J.B., Talling, P.J., Hage, S., Pope, E.L., Bailey, L., Sumner, E., Lintern, D.G., Stacey, C. and Parsons, D.R.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 584, p.117481 pdf    


Quantifying the three‐dimensional stratigraphic expression of cyclic steps by integrating seafloor and deep‐water outcrop observations.
Englert, R.G., Hubbard, S.M., Cartigny, M.J.B., Clare, M.A., Coutts, D.S., Hage, S., Hughes Clarke, J., Jobe, Z., Lintern, D.G., Stacey, C. and Vendettuoli, D.
Sedimentology , 68(4), p. 1465-1501 pdf     tweet & animations

Preconditioning by sediment accumulation can produce powerful turbidity currents without major external triggers.
Bailey, L.P., Clare, M.A., Rosenberger, K.J., Cartigny, M.J.B., Talling, P.J., Paull, C.K., Gwiazda, R., Parsons, D.R., Simmons, S.M., Xu, J. and Haigh, I.D.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 562, p. 116845 pdf     tweet

Supercritical‐flow processes and depositional products: Introduction to thematic issue.
Slootman, A., Ventra, D., Cartigny, M.J.B. and Hubbard, S.
Sedimentology, 68(4), pp.1289-1296. link    

The depositional signature of high‐aggradation chute‐and‐pool bedforms: The build‐and‐fill structure.
Slootman, A., Vellinga, A.J., Moscariello, A. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
Sedimentology, 68(4), pp.1640-1673. link    

Knickpoints and crescentic bedform interactions in submarine channels.
Chen, Y. , Parsons, D.R., Simmons, S.M., Williams, R., Cartigny, M.J.B. , Hughes Clarke, J.E., Stacey, C.D., Hage, S., Talling, P.J., Azpiroz‐Zabala, M. and Clare, M.A.
Sedimentology , 68(4), pp.1358-1377. link    

Role played by clay content in controlling reservoir quality of submarine fan system, Forties Sandstone Member, Central Graben, North Sea.
Bello, A.M. , Jones, S., Gluyas, J., Acikalin, S. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
Marine and Petroleum Geology, 128, p. 105058 link    

Froude supercritical flow processes and sedimentary structures: New insights from experiments with a wide range of grain sizes.
Ono, K. , Plink‐Björklund, P., Eggenhuisen, J.T. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
Sedimentology, 68(4), p. 1328-1357 link    


Cyclic steps: review and aggradation-based classification.
Slootman, A. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
Earth-Science Reviews, 201, p. 102949 link    

Rapidly-migrating and internally-generated knickpoints can control submarine channel evolution.
Heijnen, M.S., Clare, M.A., Cartigny, M.J.B., Talling, P.J., Hage, S., Lintern, D.G., Stacey, C., Parsons, D.R., Simmons, S.M., Chen, Y. and Sumner, E.J.
Nature communications, 11(1), pp.1-15 pdf    

Efficient preservation of young terrestrial organic carbon in sandy turbidity-current deposits.
Hage, S., Galy, V.V., Cartigny, M.J.B., Acikalin, S., Clare, M.A., Gröcke, D.R., Hilton, R.G., Hunt, J.E., Lintern, D.G., McGhee, C.A., Parsons, D.R., Stacey, C.D., Sumner, E.J., and Talling, P.J.
Geology , 48(9), p. 882. pdf    

Mud-clast armoring and its implications for turbidite systems.
Hizzett, J.L., Sumner, E.J., Cartigny, M.J.B. and Clare, M.A.
Journal of Sedimentary Research , 90(7), pp.687-700. link    

Turbulent diffusion modelling of sediment in turbidity currents: An experimental validation of the Rouse approach.
Eggenhuisen, J.T., Tilston, M.C., de Leeuw, J., Pohl, F. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
The Depositional Record , 6(1), pp.203-216. pdf    

Novel acoustic method provides first detailed measurements of sediment concentration structure within submarine turbidity currents.
Simmons, S.M., Azpiroz‐Zabala, M., Cartigny, M.J.B., Clare, M.A., Cooper, C., Parsons, D.R., Pope, E.L., Sumner, E.J. and Talling, P.J.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, , 125(5), p.e2019JC015904. link    

Direct evidence of a high-concentration basal layer in a submarine turbidity current.
Wang, Z., Xu, J., Talling, P.J., Cartigny, M.J.B., Simmons, S.M., Gwiazda, R., Paull, C.K., Maier, K.L. and Parsons, D.R.,
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers p.103300. link    

What determines the downstream evolution of turbidity currents?
Heerema, C,J., Talling, P.J., Cartigny, M.J.B., Paull, C.K., Bailey, L., Parsons, D.R., Clare, M.A., Gwiazda, R., Lundsten, E., Anderson, K., Sumner, E.J., Rosenberger, K., Gales, J., McGann, M., Carter, L., Pope, E. and Monterey Canyon Coordinated Canyon Experiment team
Earth and Planetary Science Letters , 532, p.116023. pdf    

The influence of a slope break on turbidite deposits: an experimental investigation.
Pohl, F. , Eggenhuisen, J.T., Cartigny, M.J.B., Tilston, M., de Leeuw, J. and Hermidas, N.
Marine Geology, p.106160. link     EarthArxiv    

Lessons learned from the monitoring of turbidity currents and guidance for future platform designs.
Clare, M., Lintern, D.G., Rosenberger, K., Clarke, J.E.H., Paull, C., Gwiazda, R., Cartigny, M.J.B., Talling, P.J., Perara, D., Xu, J. and Parsons, D.,
Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 500(1), pp.605-634. pdf     Tweets & images    


Direct monitoring reveals initiation of turbidity currents from extremely dilute river plumes.
Hage, S. , Cartigny, M.J.B., Sumner, E.J., Clare, M.A., Hughes Clarke, J.E., Talling, P.J., Lintern, D.G., Simmons, S.M., Silva Jacinto, R., Vellinga, A.J. and Allin, J.R., Azpiroz-Zabala, M., Gales, J.A., Hizzett, J.L., Hunt, J.E., Mozzato, A., Parsons, D.R., Pope, E.L.,Stacey ,C.D., Symons, W.O., Vardy, M.E., Watts, C.
Geophysical Research Letters, p. 103108 link    

New flow relaxation mechanism explains scour fields at the end of submarine channels.
Pohl, F. , Eggenhuisen, J., Tilston, M. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
Nature Communications, 10(4425) pdf    

Sediment and organic carbon transport and deposition driven by internal tides along Monterey Canyon, offshore California.
Maier, K.L., Rosenberger, K., Paull, C.K., Gwiazda, R., Gales, J., Lorenson, T., Barry, J.P., Talling, P.J., McGann, M., Xu, J. and Lundsten, E., Anderson, K., Litvin, S.Y., Parsons, P.R., Clare, M.A., Simmons, S.M., Sumner, S.J. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, p. 103108 link    

Subglacial hydrological control on flow of an Antarctic Peninsula palaeo-ice stream.
Larter, R.D., Hogan, K.A., Hillenbrand, C.D., Smith, J.A., Batchelor, C.L., Cartigny, M.J.B., Tate, A.J., Kirkham, J.D., Roseby, Z.A., Kuhn, G. and Graham, A.G.
Cryosphere, 13(6), p. 1583 pdf    

Linking direct measurements of turbidity currents to submarine canyon-floor deposits.
Maier, K.L., Gales, J., Paull, C.K., Rosenberger, K., Talling, P.J., Simmons, S.M., Gwiazda, R.H., McGann, M., Cartigny, M.J.B., Lundsten, E. and Anderson, K.,
Frontiers in Earth Science, 7, p. 144 link    

Evolution of a carbonate delta generated by gateway-funnelling of episodic currents.
Slootman, A., de Boer, P.L., Cartigny, M.J.B. , Samankassou, E., Moscariello, A.
Sedimentology, DOI: 10.1111/sed.12585 link     tweet & figures  

Daily bathymetric surveys document how stratigraphy is built and its extreme incompleteness in submarine channels.
Vendettuoli, D., Clare, M.A., Hughes Clarke, J.E., Vellinga, A., Hizzett, J., Hage, S., Cartigny, M.J.B. , Talling, P.J., Hubbard, S.M., Stacey, C., Lintern, D.G.
Earth and Planetary Research Letters, 515, 231-247 pdf     tweet & animations

The influence of turbidity currents and contour currents on the distribution of deep‐water sediment waves offshore eastern Canada.
Normandeau, A., Calvin Campbell, D., Cartigny, M.J.B.
Sedimentology, DOI: 10.1111/sed.12557 pdf  

What controls submarine channel development and the morphology of deltas entering deep‐water fjords?
Gales, J.A., Talling, P.J., Cartigny, M.J.B. , Hughes Clarke, J., Lintern, G., Stacey, C. and Clare, M.A.
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, DOI: 10.1002/esp.4515 pdf  


Powerful turbidity currents driven by dense basal layers.
Paull, C.K., Talling, P.J., Maier, K.L., Parsons, D., Xu, J., Caress, D.W., Gwiazda, R., Lundsten, E.M., Anderson, K., Barry, J.P. and Chaffey, M., O'Reilly, T., Rosenberger, K.J., Gales, J.A., Kieft, B., McGann, M., Simmons, S,.M., McCann, M., Sumner, E.J., Clare, M.A., Cartigny, M.J.B.
Nature Communications, 9(1), 4114 pdf  

How to recognize crescentic bedforms formed by supercritical turbidity currents in the geologic record: Insights from active submarine channels.
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Linking submarine channel–levee facies and architecture to flow structure of turbidity currents: insights from flume tank experiments.
de Leeuw, J., Eggenhuisen, J.T. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
Sedimentology, 65, 931-951 pdf  

Origin of spectacular fields of submarine sediment waves around volcanic islands.
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Complex and cascading triggering of submarine landslides and turbidity currents at volcanic islands revealed from integration of high-resolution onshore and offshore surveys.
Clare, M.A., Le Bas, T., Price, D., Hunt, J., Sear, D., Cartigny, M.J.B. , Vellinga, A., Symons, W., Firth, C. and Cronin, S.J.
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Which triggers produce the most erosive, frequent and longest runout turbidity currents on deltas?
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Sediment Volume and Grain-Size Partitioning Between Submarine Channel−Levee Systems and Lobes: An Experimental Study.
De Leeuw, J., Eggenhuisen, J.T., Spychala, Y.T., Heijnen, M.S., Pohl, F. and Cartigny, M.J.B.
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Wave Ripple Development on Mixed Clay‐Sand Substrates: Effects of Clay Winnowing and Armoring.
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Vellinga, A.J., Cartigny, M.J.B., Eggenhuisen, J.T. and Hansen, E.W.
Sedimentology, 65(2), 540-560 pdf     movie 1     movie 2     tweet & animation  


Newly recognised turbidity current structure can explain prolonged flushing of submarine canyons.
Azpiroz-Zabala, M., Cartigny, M.J.B. , Talling, P.J., Parsons, D.R., Sumner, E.J., Clare, M.A., Simmons, S.M., Pope, E.L.
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A new model for turbidity current behaviour based on integration of flow monitoring and precision coring in a submarine canyon.
Symons, W.O., Sumner, E.J., Paull, C.K., Cartigny, M.J.B., Xu, J.P., Maier, K.L., Lorenson, T.D., and Talling, P.J.

Geology, 45, 367-370. pdf  

A general model for the helical structure of geophysical flows in channel bends.
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Direct monitoring of active geohazards: emerging geophysical tools for deep-water assessments.
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Quantification of tsunami-induced flows on a Mediterranean carbonate ramp reveals catastrophic evolution.
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Preconditioning and triggering of offshore slope failures and turbidity currents revealed by most detailed monitoring yet at a fjord-head delta.
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Long-term record of Barents Sea Ice Sheet advance to the shelf edge from a 140,000 year record.
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